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Understanding your Quadrus investment statement

To read and actually understand some statements, it seems you need to learn a new language. Not so with Quadrus.

Our statements clearly show you the big picture about your investments. They also highlight the change in value of your investments, making it easier to understand how you’re doing.

Information boxes help you decode common financial terms.

Looking for an easier way to save money?

When you’re saving money for something, you can do little things every day to keep cash from going out the door and help build your investments.
For example, many people might make their own coffee and bring their lunch to work.
Savings from doing things like this can add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year.

What are mutual funds and should I invest in them?

A mutual fund is a group of investments, such as stocks or bonds, contained in a single fund.
This way, mutual funds allow you to invest in several different companies or bonds at the same time.
Investing in mutual funds means putting some of your money in a larger pool of funds managed by professional money managers.

Grant your child the gift of an RESP for education

As a parent, grandparent or other relative, you want the best for the children in your life.

Setting up children with a registered education savings plan (RESP) will help them prepare for a successful career with a post-secondary education.

Watch how an RESP can help your child in this short video.

Identity theft and fraud – top ways to protect yourself and recover from it

There’s no doubt that technology makes spending, saving and investing money easier. But along with that convenience comes the risk of identity theft and fraud.  

Identity theft is when someone steals your personal information to commit a crime, such as gaining access to your financial information, hacking into your online accounts and/or defrauding others.

The benefits of saving and investing in your early twenties

If you’re born between 1996 and 2014, marketers refer to you and your friends as Generation Z (or Gen Z for short). You may not feel like you have much financial power now, however your generation is poised to become the world’s largest demographic group by 2020 which means your financial power is only going to increase.

The throwback generation

Declutter your life and your finances

For many, spring is a great time to get organized. It can also be about more than just cleaning up your home. It’s a chance to declutter and organize your finances, too, and introduce new habits that can set you up for success.

What’s the best investment option for you?

You’ve scrimped, saved and now you have some money to invest.

So what comes next, and how can you take your money and help it grow over time?

Two of the most popular ways to invest are mutual funds, and segregated funds. Let’s look at both and see what might work for you.

What are they?

The importance of updating your financial advisor after divorce

Going through a divorce is emotionally taxing and it comes with a seemingly unending legal process. Dividing assets and custody agreements typically take priority but updating your will and estate plan are equally as important. Below are three areas that should be reviewed immediately in the event of a divorce.

Why every family should have a budget

Below are four reasons why you should create a family budget…today!

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