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Certified Financial Planner and Investment Representative

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Certified Financial Planner and Investment Representative


Secure your family’s legacy

Help your family understand the value of getting organized early on so wishes are understood and carried out according to plan.


Does a 21 year-old need life insurance?

By taking it now, you can lock in a lower premium rate for life

Start The RESP Conversation Today

As a parent, you want the best for your children – including a good education. This video shows how setting up a registered education savings plan (RESP) for them early will help expand their canvas with financial support for a post-secondary education.



How to weather the transition from saving to spending in retirement

You’ve worked hard to save for retirement – prioritizing your goals along the way. You’re tiptoeing towards retirement and you’ve earned your “me time” – now, create a plan for how you’ll spend it.

Two incomes, one financial household

Instead of letting money become a source of tension, couples can work together to manage household finances. Their relationship will benefit, as will their financial future.

Financial smarts for your teens headed for post-secondary education

Budgeting isn’t something teenagers often think of but, before they know it, they’re applying to schools, sorting through admission offers and packing their bags. Accepting a university or college offer marks one of the largest financial commitments they’ll make in their lifetime.

How saving early and often can help grow your investments

Saving money can be a challenge at the best of times. But did you know that with a regular savings plan in place, and an early start, you could be much further ahead when it comes time to consider retirement?

Strategies to help you make the most of your savings

Imagine you have two saplings to plant. You carefully select a nice spot in your garden and plant them. Over time you pay attention to the one closest to the house; fertilizing and feeding the soil with plant food, watering it during dry times and carefully pruning it.

Here are seven budget-friendly options for you and your family to get to know Canada up close.

If you’re a new Canadian, you may be experiencing a range of emotions and logistical challenges as you embrace your new home. The process of settling in can be overwhelming as you adjust to an unfamiliar environment (and a dash of extreme climate) while juggling your finances, career path and family priorities.

Mortgage insights: Terms and rules you should know

When you’re starting your home buying journey, it can be hard to know where to begin. For one thing, mortgages aren’t always easy to understand, especially with regulatory changes over the past two years. If you’re looking to buy a home, it’s important to get up to speed on these rules so you can select the right mortgage for you.

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