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RRSPs and TFSAs - using your savings

Now that you’ve watched your savings grow, you’ll eventually want or need to spend it. There are many different ways to use your savings – here are some guidelines to help you decide whether you should make a withdrawal from your RRSP or TFSA before retirement.

Withdrawals from an RRSP

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Shape your legacy: things you need to know about estate planning

You spend a lifetime growing your estate so you can leave a lasting legacy to your loved ones. It’s important to complete a will that details what this legacy will look like.

Five money mistakes common to post-secondary students

Learn about the pitfalls many students encounter while at school.

With the cost of post-secondary education rising, many students are feeling the pressure to maintain good grades and a part-time job. With students facing such busy schedules, they may lose sight of the importance of financial security planning.

How having children impacts your finances

Starting a family requires careful financial security planning

Starting a family means committing to a whole new lifestyle. While many unknowns lie ahead, a little planning can go a long way towards helping you remain in control of your financial destiny.

Why monthly saving is just as important as paying the bills

Establishing a savings routine is the foundation of successful financial security planning

Have you ever noticed that your wallet manages to empty out no matter how much you put in there? Sometimes it feels like $80 lasts no longer than $40.

It may explain why that emergency $20 is hidden in one of your shoes. You just can’t trust your wallet.

Invest ample time when choosing a financial security advisor

Selecting the right professional is a critical first step on the road to financial independence

A financial security advisor is a trusted professional who can help guide you through many of life’s most important financial decisions. Few investments are as important as the time you spend selecting the right advisor.

Home is where the heart is – but are you ready to dive into a mortgage?

Well informed buyers should choose the mortgage that best suits their long-term financial goals.

All homeowners dream of burning their mortgage papers after making that final payment. Smart planning and prudent decisions will help make that day arrive sooner than you’d think.

Exploring New Relationships and Interests for Retirees

There are many options for retirees who want to live active and fulfilling lifestyles and doing so is a wise choice! The follow are some suggestions and places you can look to meet new people and explore new hobbies and interests within your community.

What you need to know

Your Retirement Lifestyle

Preparing for retirement can be a very exciting yet equally daunting affair.  Determining the type of lifestyle you desire, driven by your vision, will remove much of the anxiety associated with anticipating a major change.

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