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Disability Insurance – The Basics

Disability insurance, which is income replacement when an individual is unable to work, is one of the most unappreciated offerings of the financial services industry. Most people still believe that a debilitating disease or injury won’t happen to them, and if it does, they can handle it.

The Effectiveness of compound interest

Regular contributions to your group retirement and savings plan can help work hard for you. Any growth on your contributions is reinvested; it's called compounding interest. It can help make a huge difference in your savings or retirement plan.


Why Critical Illness Insurance is Important

Heart attack, cancer and stroke; we all know someone affected by these. When you contract these illnesses recovery becomes your full time job. Without protection financial stress can impact your recovery.

Having critical illness insurance can take the financial stress off the table.

Are you worried how inflation can effect your financial security?

If this is something you are worried about contact your financial security advisor. They can help you plan ahead and take steps to keep your savings on pace with inflation.


Turning Your Savings Into Retirement Income

Going into retirement can be a time of uncertainty.  As a society we are taught to save for retirement but how do we turn those savings into an income?  

Your financial security planner can be a trusted advisor to help you make this a time of certainty. 


The Value of Advice

Did you know that advice from a financial security advisor could help you achieve your financial goals both now and further down the road?

Learn more about the benefits of working with an advisor.


Linking Powers of Attorney, Beneficiaries, Wills and Estates

There are two types of Powers-of-Attorney; personal care and financial matters.  Both are equally important when you need to be use them, or to be more exact, when someone uses them on your behalf.  For ease of use, simplicity and speed, they should be explicitly aligned to your stated beneficiaries on insurance policies and registered accounts, and your Will and Estate documentation.

Credit ratings – are you making the grade?

There are ways to improve and even rebuild your credit score.

Life insurance plays central role in a family’s financial security

Insurance anchors financial security plans by helping to reduce risk

Life is full of risks, and most we simply have to accept. But some we can do something about.

Life insurance is an essential tool in protecting a family's economic well-being if a partner or parent dies.

Cash Flow Planning 101

According to a CIBC study in 2012, 59% of retirees end their working lives in debt.  Today, half of Canadians report that they expect to retire in debt. The popular press, television experts and financial professionals espouse messages about ‘what’ we should spend or save, but we seem to be missing the ‘how’.

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