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Retirement by design: a guide to early and alternative retirements

What images float across your mind when you think of retirement? Maybe it’s of days with no fixed schedules, free for you to fill with activities that bring you joy. Perhaps you visualize all the places you’ll visit when you finally have the time. What if there was an opportunity to tick off some of your post-retirement life goals now?

Retirement - Ready or Not!

If you’re retired, or soon to be, you’re likely a Canadian baby-boomer.  You are seeking more information about your retirement beyond merely finances, and advisors are uniquely positioned to provide you with additional retirement insight and planning.

Exploring New Relationships and Interests for Retirees

There are many options for retirees who want to live active and fulfilling lifestyles and doing so is a wise choice! The follow are some suggestions and places you can look to meet new people and explore new hobbies and interests within your community.

What you need to know

Your Retirement Lifestyle

Preparing for retirement can be a very exciting yet equally daunting affair.  Determining the type of lifestyle you desire, driven by your vision, will remove much of the anxiety associated with anticipating a major change.

Your retirement roadmap

You’ve saved well, invested wisely and built a sizeable nest egg. Retirement is within your grasp – or so you think. Here are 10 thought-provoking questions to help you determine your readiness to retire (whatever retirement means to you).

1. When do you want to retire? In a year? Six months? At a particular age?

The Effectiveness of compound interest

Regular contributions to your group retirement and savings plan can help work hard for you. Any growth on your contributions is reinvested; it's called compounding interest. It can help make a huge difference in your savings or retirement plan.


Turning Your Savings Into Retirement Income

Going into retirement can be a time of uncertainty.  As a society we are taught to save for retirement but how do we turn those savings into an income?  

Your financial security planner can be a trusted advisor to help you make this a time of certainty. 


Welcome to Retirement

You’ve got a nice nest egg saved up, but want to make it last (and grow!) so you can bring your retirement dreams to life. As you move closer to your retirement date, take time to evaluate the factors that could impact your retirement income.

Use this quick checklist to stay on track.

Summarize all your retirement income sources.

Never too late to start saving for retirement

Trish Planchot-Voldeng: Wendy - they say it is never too late to start saving for retirement, but is it still possible to save something for retirement even if you are 40 to 50 years old?

It is possible to save for retirement. It just takes a little more determination if you start later.

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