Wendy Cooper, CFP, B.Admin

Certified Financial Planner and Investment Representative

Tammy Richmond, CFP, B.Comm

Certified Financial Planner and Investment Representative


S. K., Saskatoon.

I am never "just a number" to Wendy. I know that Wendy is totally committed to our financial goals and what is good for us, not what might be good for her business. She is constantly growing, and is very responsive and accountable to her clients, and sensitive to what our comfort level is with financial products. As well, she is a great communicator able to take complex financial concepts and jargon and translate them to what is relevant to us.

C.B., Saskatoon.

We have dealt with other financial institutions and planners over the years, and have always felt somewhat disappointed in the service we had received but with Wendy, we have been happy since day 1! She does what she says she is going to do when she says she will be doing it, and we are always aware of what is happening with our investments. She works with my children, and is so good at helping them organize and plan for their future. I rate Wendy a 10 out of 10!

TK, Saskatoon

Tammy has been our financial security advisor for the last 3 years. She listens to her clients and she cares about her clients. She understands the service she provides plays an integral part in her clients’ lives, and she doesn’t take that responsibility lightly. Tammy has shown us that she believes in educating her clients so that they can make informed decisions about their money. She takes the time to explain all your options, and make recommendations based on your individual situation. She has an incredible ability to simplify complex concepts so that you understand what is happening to your money. She is thoughtful,thorough and provides us with incomparable customer service. We trust her completely. She’s the best financial security advisor we have ever worked with.

V.C., Saskatoon

Since meeting with Tammy four months ago, I have been achieving the monthly financial goals I have been struggling to attain for the last five months on my own. We worked quickly on a budget that I thought fit my goals and I stuck to it. Meeting with her every month I learned more and more about what it means to "spend what you make". I was very quick to give myself leeway when I went over budget but Tammy in a kind, firm way asked the hard questions while reminding me how important my financial goals were. This has been the best financial education I’ve ever learned and implemented. The concepts are simple but Tammy asks the right questions and frames things to allow you to see that spending money should be calculated and planned. If you don’t spend time thinking about your finances you will never be in the position where you feel you have control of them. I now have a huge sense of pride when I put away my savings first then manage the rest of my month within my budget.

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